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Our Unique Jewish Pendants
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Silver Combined With Gold Rings

Silver Combined Gold

Check out our special hand made silver rings with a pair of 9K gold stripes cover on either side of the spinning sentence.

Cross Collection

Check out our Cross Collection

Star Of David

Explore our STAR OF DAVID collection that designed by the bible


Our unique Kabbalah Jewelry view our special design for red rope

Jerusalem Cross

Check out our Jerusalem Cross Jewelry

Wellcome to FAITH JEWELRY Wholesaler

FAITH by Yair is a concept boutique for the manufacturing and design of faith jewelry, offering a rich range of items with a unique design imprint. The boutique specializes 925 sterling silver combined with gold. Colorful designs jewelry silver jewelry, a variety of crystals and Eilat stones, uniquely crafted to encompass a moment of faith, a souvenir from the Holy Land, an inspiration for blessing and prosperity.

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